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We are here to help in any way if we can, so hit us up for questions, concerns, inquires and if you just want to chit chat about how awesome your day is.  You know what to do and someone here will get back with you as soon as humanly possible.

Handmade, man made, no machines! Our goal is quality and craftsmanship

We craft each piece individually and made to order, so there is not tons of stock laying around taking up space. We make each piece as they are requested, which cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Also, our goal in the design process are NO zippers and minimals seams. Zippers overtime fail and the more seams added, contribute to weak points in the make of the product. We strive on making one of a kind, made to last products for everyday use.

Thanks and enjoy!


My thoughts and current projects as this brand evolves, come along for the ride.

Thanks for a great 2017!!

Mathew Nguyen

What a good 2017 we have had!  Nothing explosive but we feel that we got some really good exposure and met some awesome people along the way.  

Our show at over @etsydallas Jingle Bash was awesome!  They have really great people and vendors making things happen for the local handmade scene here in Dallas, wanted to thank them for having us as a vendor.  I was next to this sweet sweet catus!  Also @lydia_weigel and @annelisenoonan came out and supported us on this very busy day, I only got a photo with one of them, sorry Annelise.

2017-11-08 06.34.46.jpg



Shout out to @northtexasmade as well!!! (hands in the air) for throwing a really good cowtown indie bazaar!  I admit, I've done the show in the past couple of time but the show last year was disappointing and I planned on not doing it again, but it was well put together, the staff was present and made sure to say hi to everyone, the amped up their marketing for the show!  Also, I ran into a bunch of old customers who were excited to see me (that made me happy)  I love hearing on how they are getting compliments on their stuff and come back to buy more, so yay for regulars!


cowtown indie bazaar

Seriously, look how cute these little decorations are!

watercolor harvey

new friends

also, met some really cool vendors that were next to us and got a shout out on Instagram (yes, we are on instagram, so go follow!) It was two sisters, they had a rock business.....not like selling regular rocks, but petrified wood!  it was Awesome!!!

Go see what they are up to @d_bar_e_studio

bags for boys

Mathew Nguyen

So I finally got a chance to take some pics of my stuff with a male model.  Overall, I think it adds a new look and feel to the over product.

Spring Shows 17'

Mathew Nguyen

So, we have a little busy and just finished two really good shows for the year.  We went to the Dallas Etsy Spring bash, which is held at Gilley's South Side Ballroom in Dallas.  We also represented well at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin.  


Overall, feedback in Dallas was good, but we feel that our product was a little higher in price point than what shoppers were looking for.  We brought the full line out and talked to some great people in regards to leather, handmade goods and our backstory.


RCF in Austin was tight, literally, working out of a 3x6 booth.  The set up was not too bad, but lots of other vendors would maximize their complete space and sit behind their counter area.  The only downfall, was that they didn't leave any room to get in or out of their space, so traffic was high through my area as a path.  

Overall show was really good and a learning experiment in regards to booth setup, type of crowd/shoppers and expectations of myself and the show.  The show was ran very well by the RCF and for a two day event, it was worth making the trip.  

Hues of Blue

Mathew Nguyen

So for last season, we did Oxblood as a new addition to the line and for spring we moved out of the red to a nice deep navy/blue.  I have been working on different techniques on how to apply and transition from saturation.  

This was on a really big scale and for the first time at making a gradient, I think it turned out pretty good.  We also have been working on feather earrings that did so well last season as well, with a variety of solids, gradients and splash colors.  

2017 New Projects

Mathew Nguyen

Yes, its March and I have been working like crazy on new design and testing them to make sure nothing looks and feels like crap.  I started the year with a couple of new items on my wish list plus a couple of revisions to some of my current designs.  Went through the line and decided to delete a couple of pieces that were not strong compared to the rest of the other products.  

We also pulled the color Oxblood from the line up and decided to add a new depending on how the leather takes it, it varies obviously.  

The new Mark1 Messenger bag was a must have for the 17 season, but it took me a couple of runs with designs and how I wanted the overall look to come out.  Overall, pretty thrilled with it, added a nice "cushioned" leather shoulder strap that rounds out the whole look.  

The Backpack is in its final stages of refinement and I would have to say this was an excellent add!  Redesign on placement of a couple of D-Rings and tweaks to the pattern made for a solid backpack.

Super Super pumped about this little buddy.  We already have a cross body bag currently, but this new crossbody is multi function.  You can wear it as a cross body, purse and hip bag.  The size is good enough for essentials.  

Thanks 2016, looking forward to another amazing year

Mathew Nguyen

Wow, 2016 is almost done and onto another new year.  Wanna to take the time and thank everyone for a really great year.  We learned a lot and have tons of new ideas and designs in store for you all.  We appreciate all of the support we received and super positive feedback we got from our goods.  On that note, my Harvey says happy holidays and sleep well!  

Campy Camping

Mathew Nguyen

Just came back from a week long (sunday-sunday) of gorgeous camping at Devils Den State Park.  It was last minute and durning the holiday week.  It was kind of nice to get out and enjoy nature for all its awesomeness!  Weather was great, high 50's and low in the 30's.  Got one of those fancy 20 degree sleeping bags finally, since mine was literally falling apart and was only good for temps in the 80's.  

We did a hike everyday, 1/4 mile to 3 miles long, views were amazing and the color of the seasons were these nice orange and reds.

Rained on us pretty hard I think Tuesday, leaked a little bit of my tent and condensation was epically bad!  Had to wash the sheets and stuff like mid week cause the comforter got pretty damp between the air mattress and the sleeping bags...eww!

Overall, always and awesome time spending it with family and give you a chance to take a step back and reflect on life a little.


Mathew Nguyen

Why not right?  I've been talking a lot about making a backpack of some type, not just a bag that has tons of pockets and zippers and stuff, but something simple and streamline that works well within the current assortment.  I go back and forth with size, style, design, shape and always end up back to something similar to this look.  

Overall total time not including making of the pattern, around about 6hrs or so.  I didn't do any dying, burnishing, edge painting etc.  Since this was a first run or prototype, I didn't want to waste the time on something I didn't like.  

Learned that certain pieces should go first and need to add a couple of new revisions to the overall all design.  Would like to have interior flaps from the top edge, so that when the front cover is on, it hides the sides a bit better.  Also, need to reduce the backing for the handle down to about 1" so that the front flap rolls down.  Then probably will only sew about half way up, so it will give it room to open and roll or fold down much further.

Not bad I do say so myself!  What do you guys think?

Better Block Backyard Market

Mathew Nguyen

Just finished with this little market yesterday and got home pretty late, but overall it was a good show.  The night was decent, nice and cool, crowd was slow and steady at one point, but met some really cool people and might have to do another market in the future.

I think we were a little ambitions with our setup here, felt like we had ALOT of stuff or thats at least how I felt cause it was a man show getting everything unloaded and loaded.  Forgot tons of stuff too, went out and bought a canopy and forgot all the light bulbs so, I had to end up taking it down :(  Oh well, got myself another canopy.

Handmade Harvest 2016 (DentonTX)

Mathew Nguyen

What an awesome weekend for shows!  The people were awesome, vendors were great and the weather this weekend was unbeatable!!  Show was between 10-4 and the crowd was great.  1st time attending the show and I would definitely be coming back next year to attend.

Last minute adds of some coasters and detail work morning of, lol!

Last minute adds of some coasters and detail work morning of, lol!

We set our booth (5x8) up within about 30 mins or so, and took some time to figure out where each item was going to go since this was our first time in the space to see it next to other vendors.  

Smooth day in the books and we are so glad to be apart of it!  I look forward to this next year and all our other shows we are doing before end of the year.  Thanks for the support everyone!

The little details

Mathew Nguyen

5 more days until our first craft show of the year, its nothing special, but we like to make sure regardless of how we do, we represent 100%.

Since my display is white, glass and hints of gold, we couldn't sit by and let these chrome rings go unnoticed.  So we scuffed a couple up and did some test painting.

Its really windy here, so I had to reevaluate my spray painting area, so inside we went.  Pulled me a heavy duty liner out and laid it into the tub, then went to town on a couple of these rings.

We let them dry for about all of 10 seconds and threw them up!  It is a small detail, but to us, it makes all of the difference when it comes to visually merchandising product as a story.

Tinkering with chairs

Mathew Nguyen

So I have designed a couple of chair ideas for SA.  Wasn't sure what style I wanted to go with nor did I know what type of materials I wanted to build it out of, either wood or metal base with leather.  Lots of back and forth, sent a couple of designs out to some vendors in both furniture and metal fabricators.  I really didn't get much of a response to my inquiries, except for a couple of guys.  So I decided to purchase a chair that had the foundation that I needed and went from there.  

We ended up getting a simple frame and base from Ikea in their kids section, its a little small but will hold up to about 375 lbs, as long as you don't have a big butt to get pass the wood frame, lol.  Took it all apart and had the metal frame painted in gold and the wood frame in white to go with our theme from our booth display.

Turned out pretty good and it barely fits me while I was trying to test it out.

Stitching was a little off, but overall we are pretty excited about this build!

Watch Straps

Mathew Nguyen

Watch straps are a very easy upgrade to a favorite watch.  If you own a watch and at some point have to either repair or replace your watch band, it is not an easy task.  Most brands will have a stock replacement depending on how old your watch is and also, how common the model is.  For the most part, the band is almost as much as the watch for some crazy reason, like crazy expensive.  So I started exploring on making a band since the Apple Watch is something a friend of mine currently owns and just purchased the hardware for making a band.

I only had the hardware, but in my excitement I didn't take any measurements from his original band (stock band that comes with the watch).  Anywhos, about an hour later this is where we landed on.

Not bad for a good first run, there were some room for improvements.  I will need to look into other options of closures.  As you can seen, we just used what we had in house to see if the band would fit.

Busy as a bee!

Mathew Nguyen

Currently prepping for a local craft show in 2 weeks!  Made the items we had listed months ago, then went out and got some displays, put it all together and still didn't feel like we had enough, so obviously, down to the wire, I added some more items and additions size runs to a couple of new items.  We went from having 10 items, to 10 items in 2 other colors plus adding about 5 new items as well!

leather wallets on their way

leather wallets on their way

So we basically made tons of work for ourselves, but wanted to have a good assortment for this show, since we haven't done one in years.  Regardless if this goes well or not, we are please with how our leather goods are turning out!

Key Fobs are here...Finally!!

Key Fobs are here...Finally!!