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Handmade, man made, no machines! Our goal is quality and craftsmanship

We craft each piece individually and made to order, so there is not tons of stock laying around taking up space. We make each piece as they are requested, which cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Also, our goal in the design process are NO zippers and minimals seams. Zippers overtime fail and the more seams added, contribute to weak points in the make of the product. We strive on making one of a kind, made to last products for everyday use.

Thanks and enjoy!


My thoughts and current projects as this brand evolves, come along for the ride.

Watch Straps

Mathew Nguyen

Watch straps are a very easy upgrade to a favorite watch.  If you own a watch and at some point have to either repair or replace your watch band, it is not an easy task.  Most brands will have a stock replacement depending on how old your watch is and also, how common the model is.  For the most part, the band is almost as much as the watch for some crazy reason, like crazy expensive.  So I started exploring on making a band since the Apple Watch is something a friend of mine currently owns and just purchased the hardware for making a band.

I only had the hardware, but in my excitement I didn't take any measurements from his original band (stock band that comes with the watch).  Anywhos, about an hour later this is where we landed on.

Not bad for a good first run, there were some room for improvements.  I will need to look into other options of closures.  As you can seen, we just used what we had in house to see if the band would fit.