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Handmade, man made, no machines! Our goal is quality and craftsmanship

We craft each piece individually and made to order, so there is not tons of stock laying around taking up space. We make each piece as they are requested, which cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Also, our goal in the design process are NO zippers and minimals seams. Zippers overtime fail and the more seams added, contribute to weak points in the make of the product. We strive on making one of a kind, made to last products for everyday use.

Thanks and enjoy!


My thoughts and current projects as this brand evolves, come along for the ride.

Tinkering with chairs

Mathew Nguyen

So I have designed a couple of chair ideas for SA.  Wasn't sure what style I wanted to go with nor did I know what type of materials I wanted to build it out of, either wood or metal base with leather.  Lots of back and forth, sent a couple of designs out to some vendors in both furniture and metal fabricators.  I really didn't get much of a response to my inquiries, except for a couple of guys.  So I decided to purchase a chair that had the foundation that I needed and went from there.  

We ended up getting a simple frame and base from Ikea in their kids section, its a little small but will hold up to about 375 lbs, as long as you don't have a big butt to get pass the wood frame, lol.  Took it all apart and had the metal frame painted in gold and the wood frame in white to go with our theme from our booth display.

Turned out pretty good and it barely fits me while I was trying to test it out.

Stitching was a little off, but overall we are pretty excited about this build!