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Handmade, man made, no machines! Our goal is quality and craftsmanship

We craft each piece individually and made to order, so there is not tons of stock laying around taking up space. We make each piece as they are requested, which cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Also, our goal in the design process are NO zippers and minimals seams. Zippers overtime fail and the more seams added, contribute to weak points in the make of the product. We strive on making one of a kind, made to last products for everyday use.

Thanks and enjoy!


My thoughts and current projects as this brand evolves, come along for the ride.

Handmade Harvest 2016 (DentonTX)

Mathew Nguyen

What an awesome weekend for shows!  The people were awesome, vendors were great and the weather this weekend was unbeatable!!  Show was between 10-4 and the crowd was great.  1st time attending the show and I would definitely be coming back next year to attend.

 Last minute adds of some coasters and detail work morning of, lol!

Last minute adds of some coasters and detail work morning of, lol!

We set our booth (5x8) up within about 30 mins or so, and took some time to figure out where each item was going to go since this was our first time in the space to see it next to other vendors.  

Smooth day in the books and we are so glad to be apart of it!  I look forward to this next year and all our other shows we are doing before end of the year.  Thanks for the support everyone!