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We are here to help in any way if we can, so hit us up for questions, concerns, inquires and if you just want to chit chat about how awesome your day is.  You know what to do and someone here will get back with you as soon as humanly possible.

Handmade, man made, no machines! Our goal is quality and craftsmanship

We craft each piece individually and made to order, so there is not tons of stock laying around taking up space. We make each piece as they are requested, which cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Also, our goal in the design process are NO zippers and minimals seams. Zippers overtime fail and the more seams added, contribute to weak points in the make of the product. We strive on making one of a kind, made to last products for everyday use.

Thanks and enjoy!

About Us

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It was around 2009 when I decided that I would get into just making t-shirts.  I guess that how a lot of stories start, made this shirt turns into that and next thing you know, you're a big deal right?!  I don't know about all that, but a lot of stories do start with a t-shirt.  

I have always been influenced by creating with my hands and making things myself.  I would see a design and or a technique and would tell myself, I could do that.  So I would go out and do my homework and then jump right in to whatever interest that was at the time.  

I built my own screen printer (it had 3 arms and 1 head) all made out of wood and was not very fancy, but did the job until I could afford a beginner press.  Also I built a light box, dark box and a washout booth just to get by.  From there, designed all the art to cutting out all of the labels and tags.  It was the act of making and doing that made me happy and in turn, selling something you had every part in making was awesome.

I really got into making tons of kids stuff too, all my friends were having kids and it made sense to me to do everything at "tiny" size since I kind of didn't know what I was doing, just that I wanted to make cool prints.  I made things from shirts, totes, toys, mobiles, pillows, wash cloths, all organic, made from scratch items.



I took a break for awhile from SA and was working corporately, which took up tons of my time from making things for fun as do most jobs today.  I really got back into SA after finding a love for leather and what all it has to offer, from its durability, longevity and how timeless it is.  Not only the pieces I was making but the leather itself and how timeless a staple it was.

2014-10-30 19.55.38.jpg

This process of "Soulcrafting" is something I value, as it has taught me a couple of things, but most importantly...patience.  In a world of instant gratification, we lose to see the value in things that are truly handmade and high quality.  All of our leather goods are cut, dyed, stamped, sewn all by hand, literally.  We use vegetable tanned leather so it ages naturally by the oils from your hands, braided wax thread and burnished edges that are hand painted to accentuate the red stitching.  So if you end up getting something from us, you know its gonna be worth the wait.  Who says handmade can't be sexy.


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